B*CURED’s primary goal is to fund innovative brain cancer research. Grants are presented annually by B*CURED to Assistant Professors/ Instructors whose research proposals demonstrate the highest chance of generating novel, meaningful data that will ultimately lead a to an NIH-funded research program dedicated to a cure for malignant brain tumors. Since it’s establishment in 2008, B*CURED has funded 8 programs at prominent US hospitals and universities.

Interested and qualified brain cancer researchers should read and complete the information requested in the B*CURED Investigator Award Application to apply for a $50,000 research grant.

For further information, contact us at research@bcured.org or click here for FAQ’s (PDF)

Below are some of B*CURED’s previous grant recipients.


Dr. JiangBing Zhou - Yale University - click to see his research
Dr. Andrew Lassman, Columbia University. Click to view his research
Dr Antonio Omuro, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Click to see his research
Dr William Curry, Massachusetts General Hospital. Click to see his research